Rev3™ Separator

The Rev3™ Separator is an innovative, patented technology that separates weakly magnetic particles from waste minerals with world class efficiency and throughput.  The Rev3™ is a “clean sheet of paper” design by MagInc engineers built specifically for high volume, high availability iron ore applications.  The Rev3™ overcomes the traditional drawbacks of Wet High-Intensity Magnetic Separation (WHIMS) including their complex mechanical and electrical systems, high electrical energy consumption, tendency to foul with misplaced particles within the slurry and the resulting high operating costs and poor equipment uptime.

The Rev3™ has a carousel design orientation to maximize the working volume of the machine and can be configured to employ 1-4 beneficiation upgrade steps depending on processing requirements.  The Rev3™ utilizes “off the shelf” ferrite permanent magnets situated in a unique geometry along with a proprietary flux amplifying matrix to achieve exceptional operational performance.  The simplicity of the Rev3™ design allows high equipment uptime, material throughput, and metallurgical efficiency to deliver a final product that consistently meets technical specifications.

Please contact Mag Global for additional information on the Rev3™ Separator.

Rev3™ Features:
Feed Capacity: 666 dmt per hour (single carousel)
Magnet Technology: Ferrite and Neodymium Permanent
Configuration: Multi-Carousel
Demonstrated Availability: >97%
Power Consumption: 8 kw
Rougher Feed Grade: 15-45% Fe