Mineral Processing

As one of the first companies in the world to process waste tailings into iron ore concentrate, MAG utilizes its mineral beneficiation expertise and experience as plant operators to provide solutions in flow sheet development.  MAG combines detailed material analysis and process testing into a complete flow sheet design to optimize your mill and maximize plant throughput.

Flow Sheet Design

  • Mass balance
  • Water balance
  • % solids
  • Design engineering

Laboratory Testing

  • Mineralogy analysis
  • Grinding analysis
  • Particle size analysis
  • Metallurgical recovery

Process Simulation

  • Magnetic separation
  • Grinding
  • Screening
  • Hydro-cyclone
  • Flotation
  • Chemical addition

Testing and Reporting

MAG evaluates ore mineralogy, current processing techniques, and mill recovery objectives, and combines this information to form a testing program specific to optimize your operation.  Once analysis and testing is complete, a comprehensive report details the material analysis, testing procedures, and metallurgical results to provide complete flow sheet design solutions.

Please contact MAG for additional information on Mineral Processing solutions.