mag_culture_v2Mag Culture

At MAG we separate ourselves from the traditional top-down corporate structure that handcuffs employees and stifles creative thinking. Instead, we promote a flat, team-based organization that empowers our MAG team members to take initiative as problem-solvers. We believe in hard work, dedication, creativity, and fast execution all while maintaining safety as our top priority. These principles define what drives our business and what has become known as the Mag Culture.

We work hard to promote the Mag Culture in every aspect of our business. We focus on creating a work environment where team members can utilize their individual skills and knowledge while maintaining a team-based, inclusive approach to meeting greater challenges. We maintain straight lines of communication between our operations and management, so we can move collectively toward achieving our goals.  The Mag Culture is what allows our company to execute on projects quickly and efficiently by removing bureaucracy and placing ownership in our team members.

Our Mag Culture is what makes our company unique. We have a fundamental belief in our team members and their abilities continue to be the key to our success.