Founded in June 2015, privately held MagGlobal LLC (“MAG”) was created to serve global markets with the innovative magnetic separation technology originally used to capture weakly magnetic iron ore particles from waste materials left behind from historical iron mining operations.

MAG’s technology history traces its origin to 2006 and the laboratory testing by renowned iron range engineer Al Fritz.  Mr. Fritz envisioned that economic extraction of concentrates from the “natural ore” tailings of the Mesabi Iron Range could be achieved.

Larry Lehtinen, a forty-year veteran iron ore mining company engineer, executive, and entrepreneur, was introduced to Al Fritz and his partner Rod Hunt in 2007.  In early 2008, Mr. Lehtinen purchased a controlling interest in Magnetation, Inc. (MagInc) Under Mr. Lehtinen’s leadership, MagInc was transformed from a laboratory company to a pilot stage mining company with the construction of Plant 1 near Keewatin, MN in early 2009.  In late 2009, engineers invented the original Rev3™ Separator which was quickly scaled up and installed during April of 2010.  Since the first Rev3™ patents were issued in November, 2012, the Rev3™ has been patented globally in numerous iron ore producing countries and was also the core technology related to the four tailings reclamation plants which were built on the iron range in Minnesota from 2012 through 2015.

MAG engineers discovered the MagFlot™  process while trying to overcome the difficulty of reverse flotation of fine-grained goethite and hematite ores.  Currently, the MagFlot™  process has demonstrated significant performance improvement in full-scale mine applications for flotation processes of fine-grained goethite, hematite and magnetite ores.